Aloe Soothing Face Treatment

One of our best sellers, Aloe Soothing Face Treatment is designed to soothe and treat sensitive or stressed skin. As the name implies, aloe vera plays a huge role in this treatment. Coupled with other active ingredient like hyaluronic acid, this treatment has outstanding moisture supply to relieve the “pulling” sensation of sensitive skin

To restore the skin’s defence system, this treatment soothes, renews and calms sensitive skin. Simple and powerful aloe vera has the ability to cool down, the renewing effect of EGF, green tea, bambusa vulgaris shoot extract recover the skin rapidly. Also, the vegetable extract of squalane supplies nutrition and form a protection for skin.

trial price: $88.00
ala carte price: $188.00
steps to aloe soothing face treatment
  1. Welcome step
  2. Double cleanse
  3. Exfoliation
  4. Extraction
  5. Oxygen spray with Aloe synergy ampoule
  6. Application of Aloe essential soothing serum
  7. Face and shoulder massage
  8. Double mask
  9. Head pressure point massage
benefits of aloe soothing face treatment
  1. Calms and soothes sensitive skin
  2. Reduces redness and “pulling” sensation
  3. Restores skin’s defence system
  4. Excellent moisturization
  5. Rapid desensitization of skin
frequency of aloe soothing face treatment

Once every fortnight for severe cases. Thereafter, once every month for maintenance. Couple with Aloe Essential Soothing Set as home care to attain faster results.