Aquatide Cell Regeneration Program

Aquatide Cell Regeneration Program is the first of our MEDI BEAUTY skin treatment series. For those of you out there who want something more than treatment of the skin’s surface, this will be your ideal solution.

This skin treatment acts on the principle of “AUTOPHAGY”. Autophagy simply means cleansing out damaged skin cells, so that newer and healthier cells will regenerate. In other words, it also means skin detox. The ampoule used to act on Autophagy is Aquatide – a new anti-aging peptide to restore skin. It promotes skin cells renewal, and prevents aging of skin. Aquatide originates from South Korea, and is attracting worldwide attention as an important anti-aging ingredient is cosmetics.

trial price: $88.00
ala carte price: $188.00
A gentle and effective treatment, suitable for all skin types.

Visible results in 1 session. Frequency: one session in every 3 weeks.

Benefits of this program:
  • Anti-aging

Promotes cell renewal, and prevents aging of skin

  • Skin Revitalisation

Lifts skin, aids in congestion removal and promotes blood circulation through Mistro

  • Color Therapy

RED and BLUE wavelength work alternatively to supply energy and provide vitality to promote elasticity

  • Iontophoresis

Iontophoresis help better penetrate the skin with highly concentrated active agents. It also brightens dull and irritated skin, prevents pigmentation and generates overall whitening effect.