This is a treatment for skin with blemishes, or skin with imperfections, using Purifying ampoule with oxygen jet, together with Sferangs range of professional salon use skincare for blemished skin.

Blemished skin is about having too much accumulated dead skin cells, dirt and pollution over time. Skin becomes dull and lifeless, and pimples are everywhere. It is important to remove these accumulated dirt, cleanse up the pores, and close them up, so that blemishes will not recur again.

Steps of the process
Step 1Cleanse to remove make up
Step 2Double cleanse to remove traces of remaining makeup & dirt
Step 3Peel
Step 4Extraction
Step 5Apply toner to disinfect skin surface
Step 6Oxygen jet with Purifying ampoule
Step 7Apply 1st mask + shoulder massage
Step 8Remove mask with Mistro (powerful fine mists)
Step 9Facial massage
Step 10Apply 2nd mask
Step 11Remove mask and apply skincare
Type of skin

Blemished skin, oily skin with acne

Frequency of treatment

Once very 2 weeks

Blemish Me Not Skin Treatment$158.00
Trial Price$88.00
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