Face Works

No matter what skin conditions you may have, we have got you covered. An extensive selection of 5 range of face treatments to target all skin conditions.


A new range of carefully curated skin treatments that focuses on cell regeneration, skin renewal and anti-aging.

Originate from South Korea.


An established skincare brand from Korea since 1979. It specializes in COSMETURAL products : cosmetics, medical and natural.

We are proud to showcase several bespoke treatments from this leading skincare brand.


Targets at maintaining 100% skin health, and to achieve more substantial results such as V-shape contour, lightening of scars and pigmentation, and anti-aging effects.

Synergy between leading technology and concentrated solutions


A leading French brand of certified organic cosmetics and products based on ingredients of natural origin.

100% of their ingredients being of natural origin and the maximum amount of the formulas’ ingredients being organic where possible.


100% made in Italy – from research, development, production, packaging, and testing of all stages.

A beauty approach that harmonizes with nature.