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A gentle yet effective organic eye contour treatment that reduces puffiness, dark circle, dehydration and stress around the eye area, PHYT’Sublim Eye Treatment is for your eyes only. The treatment is composed of a series of rhythmic draining and decongesting movements combining treatment and relaxation. 

A study was carried out on 22 women aged 18 to 50 by self-assessment questionnaire collected after 28 days, on the main active ingredient: Phyto Actif Regard Complex.  2 daily applications, morning and evening on eye contour area.


• 72% Dark circles have faded away.
• 63% Bags have reduced.
• 77% Eye contour area looks fresher.
• 68% Eye contour area is smoother.
• 77% Eye contour area is decongested.
• 68% Phyto-Actif Regard complex helps eyelids « de-puff ».

Note: Phyto Actif Regard Complex is found in PHYT’Sublim Eye Treatment, and in PHYT’S Eye Smoothing Roll-On Serum, as well as Eye Hydrating Fluid.

Suitable for all skin types, this treatment uses concentrated serum with active ingredients, invigorating creamy balm, smoothing, light and anti fatigue peel-off emulsion mask. Eye area is instantly relaxed, decongested and fresh. The 40-minutes session is recommended to be done once a week for a six weeks program. Thereafter, once a month for maintenance program.

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