Infinity Lifting Facial Treatment

We all know how effective Radio Frequency (RF) is to boost our skin’s collagen naturally. Infinity Lifting Facial Treatment uses RF to maximize anti-aging results in this treatment. It’s main objectives is to prevent and treat early appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, increase production of elastin and collagen and to regenerate and improve skin texture. This treatment also provides specific moisture and nourishment to the skin.

Infinity Lifting Facial
trial price: $128.00
ala carte Price: $258.00

A 90-minutes session that includes Radio Frequency with 2 types of ampoules, shoulder and facial massage, and 4 masks. One of the ampoules is incorporated into the facial massage. It is made up of a valuable cascade of plant orgin oils to deeply nourish and regenerate during the massage. As for the facial mask included in the professional kit, it is made of a special cloth soak with specific actives suitable for delaying the appearance of early signs of ageing. The whole treatment ends off with a treatment cream, a new moisturizing complex which guarantees an immediate lifting effect when used after the mask. This treatment is suitable for normal and combination skin types, and those showing early signs of lines and wrinkles.

The recommended frequency for this super treatment is once in every 3-4 weeks for optimal results. It definitely promises anti-aging effects and tightens facial contours with the help of RF. A youthful look begins with Infinity Lifting Facial Treatment.