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Vagheggi Emozioni Calming Facial Treatment targets the reactive sensitive and intolerant skin types. Using Vagheggi’s Emozioni range of products with “protective action”, they protect skin from UV radiation and free radicals. They also protect capillaries, prevent reddening and irritation. It also reduces the skin’s level of sensitivity.

Defence barriers for sensitive and intolerant skin types are naturally lower, the threshold of tolerance decreases and the skin reacts strongly. Vagheggi Emozioni Calming Facial Treatment is a cosmetic approach formulated to respect the extremely delicate physiology of this skin type. It is a specific treatment to relieve, soothe and protect this delicate and/or intolerant skin. Only hypoallergenic and dermatological tested products are used in this treatment. They decongest, brighten, moisturize and bring immediate comfort.

The 75-minutes facial treatment consists of a facial and shoulder massage, serum, ampoule and 1 mask to effectively reduce skin’s sensitivity. The S.O.S Concentrate used in the professional kit of this facial treatment is made up of innovative active botanical ingredients with a strong anti-oxidant and softening action. It is an ideal treatment for reducing sensitivity and increasing skin tolerance.

Recommended frequency for this treatment is once every 2 to 3 weeks to effectively bring down skin’s sensitivity. Thereafter, a once a month treatment for maintenance purposes.

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