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Suitable for all skin types, Vagheggi White Moon Brightening Facial Treatment evens out complexion, smoothens skin surface, and regulates melanin production. It also helps to shield the skin against pollution. Especially formulated for non-uniform skin with discoloration, greyish or yellowish dyed skin tone, this treatment is the ideal solution.

Using Vagheggi’s White Moon range of products, this professional treatment gives an immediate even radiant color, and silky smooth skin. The “brightening action” of the products, made up from a pool of active ingredients such as Bardana, Consolida and Mediterranean Liquorice, smoothen and moisturize the complexion. The face looks radiant, silky and even. The treatment helps to restore skin damaged by the sun, ageing and various environmental factors.

The 90-minutes session starts off with gentle cleansing, exfoliation and extraction. Followed by facial massage, shoulder massage, serum and ampoule with machine, and ends with White Moon’s “Fizzy Mask”. This mask treatment whitens and smoothens corneal residues and uneven skin tone. It “fizzes” in contact with the skin.

The recommended frequency for this treatment is once every 3-4 weeks for optimal results. Vagheggi White Moon Brightening Facial Treatment is your ideal solution to bright and even complexion, soft, supple and moisturized skin.

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