Meridian Face Therapy

Introducing the new Meridian Facial Therapy, an incredible facial that blends a traditional facial with proven massage techniques rooted in traditional Chinese medicine.

Facial Meridian Therapy is great for people who want to look and feel refreshed and revitalized, improve their skin texture, and soften lines and wrinkles. It will also create a more “lifted” facial appearance.

Meridian Detox Facial
trial price: $88.00
ala carte price:
  • Classic: $128.00
  • With Jade Energizer: $188.00
Meridian Face Care stimulates the acupoints of face

It clears the meridian, promotes circulation and accelerates the excretion of metabolites, and then restores the skin. Relax and allow our experienced therapists to utilize the horn and essential oil for the best results.

steps in meridian face therapy
  1. Skin analysis
  2. Welcome step
  3. Deep cleansing & exfoliation
  4. Skin extraction
  5. Eyebrow shaping
  6. Meridian Bojin detox for face, eye, neck
  7. Facial & shoulder lymphatic massage
  8. Hair scalp massage
  9. Signature facial mask