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  • Mucota Colour Keep 02 Treatment


    A dual-action colour treatment that deeply nourishes and vitalizes colour, keeping hair soft and supple. Advance conditioning ingredients soothe and smoothen cuticles, locking in moisture and protecting hair against UV rays. Leaves an aroma of lychees and berries. For coloured and damaged hair. 200ml. Key Ingredients: 1) Lychee and Berries 2) Honey 3) Macadamia 4)…

  • Little Forest 03 Smoothing Botanical Treatment


    Botanical treatment that harnesses the essence of nature. It is artfully crafted with top quality ingredients such as neem leaves, honey and extra virgin olive oil. Hydrates the scalp, leaving hair soft and satiny smooth. Leaves a lingering citrus fruit aroma. For sensitive scalp and mildly damaged hair. 200ml. Key Ingredients: 1) Honey 2) Olive…

  • Mucota AIRE+ 03 Treatment


    Daily use treatment for mildly damaged hair, keeping it soft and smooth. Pampering ingredients give hair a light lustre yet retaining volume. Leaves a lingering scent of mangosteen. 200g Key Ingredients: 1) Honey 2) Collagen 3) Silk Protein 4) Keratin Protein 5) Jojoba oil 6) Rosemary 7) Advance CMC Compounds Directions: 1) After shampooing, evenly…

  • Mucota AIRE+ 04 Treatment


    Extra moisturizing daily use treatment that subdues severely damaged hair, resulting in better texture that is manageable and soft to the touch. Luxurious ingredients repair, hydrate and lock in the goodness. Leaves a lingering scent of mangosteen. 200g. Key Ingredients: 1) Honey 2) Jojoba oil 3) Rosemary 4) Keratin 5) Collagen and Silk Proteins (PPT)…

  • O’way Color Protection Hair Mask


    Color Protection Hair Mask detangles and deeply reinvigorates treated hair. It gives shine and smooths the cuticle. 150ml. Active Ingredients: 1) Biodynamic Red Vine – helps to keep the color bright and the hair soft 2) Organic Goji Berries – they revitalize the hair fibre and slow down hair ageing, protecting it from oxidation 3)…

  • O’way Curly Hair Mask


    It perfectly detangles and defines curls without weighing them down. It moisturizes and strengthens the hair keratin in curly hair. Special treatment for naturally curly and permed hair. 150ml. Active Ingredients: 1) Biodynamic Liquorice – reactivates micro-circulation and has a soothing action 2) Organic Hypericum – protects, soothes, and has anti-free radical properties, preserving the…

  • O’way Moisturizing Hair Mask


    Lends softness and brightness, prevents the formation of split ends. 150ml. Active Ingredients: 1) Biodynamic Hazel – soften and nourishes, it makes the hair fibre soft and managable 2) Organic Honey – soothes, nourishes and adds shine 3) Ethical Murumuru – rich in hair proteins, it repairs and deeply nourishes dry, brittle and dull hair…

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    O’way Rebuiliding Hair Mask


    It restores protein material to the hair, repairing and sealing the cuticle. Soft, moisturized hair, perfectly rebuilt from the inside. 150ml. Active Ingredients: 1) Biodynamic Iris – rich in phytoestrogens, this flower has refreshing and invigorating properties for full, matt hair 2) Organic Basil – adds moisture, shine and protection to hair fibres. Invigorates and…

  • O’way Silk’n Glow Hair Mask


    Deeply nourishes, hair is soft and smooth. It eliminates the fizz effect. 150ml. Active Ingredients: 1) Biodynamic Oatmeal – has a volumizing and restructuring action on dry/very dry hair 2) Organic Cupuacu – nourishing and softening, adds shine to the hair fibre 3) Ethical Brazilian Walnut – rich in water soluble VItamin A and B….