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  • LCN Care Pen Tea Tree

    LCN Care Pen Tea Tree Oil


    A care pen with tea tree oil. It prevents bacterial infection of the nail and creates healthy skin. Convenient to bring on the go.

  • LCN Anti-Age Hand Cream


    Best-selling Anti-Age Cream contains jojoba oil, D-panthenol and elastin. Specially formulated for demanding and mature skin. Benefits of Anti-Age Cream: 1) Reduces formation of wrinkles 2) Skin appears younger, tighter and more elastic 3) Protects against UV rays & loss of water 4) Regeneration of the skin – skin renewal process 5) Provides a soothing…

  • LCN Anti-Age Overnight Mask


    Product is 100% genuine and directly imported from the brand in Germany An intensively nourishing overnight mask for dry and stressed skin. Stem cells of the Sea Fennel and elastin improve the skin’s structure overnight as well as nourishing the skin with a special Anti-aging ingredients complex. 50ml. 防皱睡眠晚间润手膜 50ml: 防止水分流失,并增加皮肤的弹性 减少皱纹的形成 皮肤看起来更年轻,紧致和更有弹性 防止紫外线,光线和水分流失 保护皮肤免受水分流失

  • LCN Hand Cream


    Intensively moisturizing Hand cream for daily use. Contains non-oily ingredients. For all skin types. 50ml. 强效保湿护手霜,适合日常使用。

  • LCN Moisturizing Foot Cream


    With its classic nautical scent, this foot cream provides extreme moisturizing with bees wax and vitamins E and F. The additionally contained blue algae provides a smooth and tight feeling to the skin.

  • LCN Refreshing Foot Cream


    This cooling and refreshing foot cream with its minty fresh scent will invigorate tired legs. Contains green micro algae extract, peppermint oil and lactic acid. The skin is nurtured with moisture and the regulation of the cornification process is activated.

  • LCN Warming Foot Cream


    With horse chestnut extract, bees wax and red algae. This cream warms the skin and offers a blood flow promoting effect. Suitable for dry skin.