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  • Aloe Essential Soothing Set 1

    Aloe Essential Soothing Set


    Intensive soothing and moisturizing for sensitive and dry skin It creates moisture film on puffy and seared skin to fill moisture from inside the skin. It helps to soothe sensitive skin, dry and tired skin. Skin becomes moist and elastic again. Set consists of: 1) Aloe Essential Soothing Toner (120ml) 2) Ale Essential Soothing Serum…

  • LCN Care Pen Tea Tree

    LCN Care Pen Tea Tree Oil


    A care pen with tea tree oil. It prevents bacterial infection of the nail and creates healthy skin. Convenient to bring on the go.

  • Collagen Recharging Set


    Focused care for skin drooping, skin pore and wrinkles (anti-wrinkle) By providing nutrition, it fosters healthy and firm skin. Set consists of: 1) Collagen Recharging Toner 2) Collagen Recharging Serum 3) Collagen Synergy Ampoule (complimentary) 4) Collagen Recharging Cream

  • Sale! O'way Purifying Hair Bath

    O’way Purifying Hair Bath for Oily Scalps


    A purifying treatment that controls flaky skin caused by oily dandruff. It purifies scalp and hair with an antibacterial and antiseptic action. 240ml. Active Ingredients: 1) Biodynamic Rosemary – antimicrobial and refreshing properties, it is ideal for treating irritated scalps 2) Organic Thyme – balsamic and skin-balancing properties, it is ideal for treating scalps with…

  • T Care Set

    T-Care Set


    Focused on sebum control for oily skin and soothing care for troubled skin It is effective for sebum control of glossy skin due to secretion of sebum. It helps to soothe oversensitive skin and astringency of skin pores, and make the skin clean and refreshed. Set consists of: 1) Clearing T-Care Toner (120ml) 2) Clearing…

  • Vita C Booster Set

    Vita C Booster Set


    Focused on brightening, hyper-pigmentation control and skin tone correction Powerful antioxidant set, with medical grade Vitamin C, for brighter and firmer skin. Set consists of: 1) Vita C Intensive Activator (Toner) (140ml) 2) Vita C Capsule Booster (100% pure Vitamin C) (10ml x 3btl) 3) Vita C Intensive Cream (50ml)