Matrigen Anti-Aging Sheet Mask


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Hypoallergenic Sheet Mask made from natural ingredients:

Hibiscus Flower Extract

  •  gently and delicately exfoliates skin
  •  softens skin tone by eliminating toxins
  •  maintains firm skin

Edelweiss Flower Extract

  • soothes and protects the skin
  • provides moisture to dry and non-vibrant skin

Lotus Leaf Extract

  • removes free radicals that is fatal to aging
  • conditions the skin
  • suppresses preoxidation of the skin

Honey Extract

  • contains Vitamin B complexes which calm and protect the skin
  • prevents dryness by giving moisture to the skin
  • makes skin looks lively and vitalized


  • contains 6 types of peptides: Oligopeptide, Copper tripeptide, Palmitoylpentapeptide-1, Tripeptide, Hexapeptide, Palmitoylpentapeptide-4
  • strengthens skin barrier
  • stimulates collagen and elastin production


  • a cosmetic ingredient which improves wrinkles and provides elasticity to weak skin
  • estores skin regeneration power

Made of Tencel and Cupra

Tencel material:
– outstanding transparency
– excellent flexibility and elasticity
– excellent adhesion
– high absorbency with cooling sensation
– perfectly fits all curved areas

Perfect on all skin conditions, and especially for those:
1) with dry skin that needs a strong dose of moisturization
2) skin in need of skin barrier management due to disordered skin condition
3) tired skin to regain shine, radiance and vitality
4) fatigue skin that needs to recharge in a short amount of time

Made in Korea

1 box contains 10 individually wrapped pieces of mask
Essence is enough to cover face, neck and hands


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