Sferangs Collagen Recharging Cream


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A highly nutritious elasticity cream that brings resilience and radiance to skin with uniquely tight feeling of the formulation after application. Formulation of collagen holds skin powerfully to help improve density of drooped skin and recover elasticity. Adenosine, the functional ingredient for wrinkle improvement contained in the product, helps improve wrinkles. It’s a high nutrition cream that brings radiance and elasticity to skin.

改善老化肌肤,还能给营养不足、干燥粗糙的肌肤补充营养,其所含 的胶原蛋白可以给肌肤带来丰富的营养感,让肌肤细腻弹润、丰盈饱满。


– 保护肌肤
– 营养/保湿
– 去皱
– 强化脆弱的肌肤
– 赋予肌肤活力
– 紧致护理&强健肌底

Key Ingredients:

1) Collagen Extract
2) Panax Ginseng Root Extract
3) Lavandula Angustifolia Extract
4) Leontopodium Alpinum Extract
5) Phellinus Linteus Extract
6) EGF
7) Adenosine
8) Snail Secretion FIltrate
9) Shea Butter