Sferangs Vita C Activator (Toner)


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“Whitening Toner” for soft moisturizing

The toner that brings vitality and cleanliness to skin tone by soft moisturizing and
whitening effects without causing skin irritation.

Principle of Action

Soft whitening action of lily extract takes care of the exposed pigmentation while minimizing
skin irritation. Niacinamide prevents pigmentation by blocking further formation of melanin
pigment. Organic buddleia extract protects skin from pigmentation and skin aging by protecting
skin cells and preventing skin damage from UV rays

For application on uneven skin tone overall, soak cosmetic cotton with toner and apply
on the dark part for 5 minutes to have brightening effect on the face.
(Apply the cotton avoiding eye rims)

Suggested Skin Types:

1) Pigmentation, melisma, freckle
2) Dark facial skin tone
3) Skin that needs softening and moisturizing



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