Sferangs Vita C Intensive Cream


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“Whitening Cream” for shiny and radiant skin

It’s a cream that brings radiance to skin with rich moisture together with brightening
effect on dark and dull facial tone in addition to inhibiting activation of
melanin pigment, the course of blemish.

Principle of Action

Lily extract brings external whitening effect on soft skin surface without irritation. Niacinamide,
the whitening functional ingredient that inhibits melanin synthesis, brings both external and internal
whitening effects. In addition, the two main ingredients bring synergy effect for whitening in
combination with rich vitamins of camucamu and acai berry extract.


Spread the cream at the final step of skin care and get the content
absorbed by rubbing in a massaging motion.


To achieve a clearer facial tone, mix cream with ampoule and massage onto face.

Suggested Skin Types:

1) Pigmentation, melasma, freckle
2) Dark facial skin tone
3) Skin that needs softening and moisturizing



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