T Care Face Therapy

A specially formulated treatment to care for acne, blemished skin or troubled skin with imperfections. T Care Face Therapy targets to control excessive sebum, supplies moisture to skin, soothes blotches and tightens pore.

T Care Face Therapy helps your skin stay matte and fresh throughout the day, without skin feeling dehydrated. As the treatment works on the source of oil production, skin feels refreshed, cleansed and purified. Expect a clear and shine-free complexion with tightened pores.

trial price: $88.00
ala carte price: $188.00
steps to t care face therapy
  1. Welcome step
  2. Double cleanse and exfoliate
  3. Light extraction
  4. Apply T Care synergy ampoule
  5. Apply T Care serum, followed by ultrasound
  6. Face and should massage by T Care cream
  7. Mask application
  8. Head massage
benefits of t care face therapy
  1. Reduces oil production
  2. Eliminates white head, black head and dead skin
  3. Controls and reduces acne bacteria
  4. Diminishes existing acne
  5. Helps prevent new breakout
frequency of treatment

An initial of 1 treatment every fortnight is highly recommended. Once blemishes are significantly reduced, a monthly treatment is sufficient. Use T Care Set as homecare for faster results.