Vagheggi Treatments for Him

There are 2 beauty treatments for men using Vagheggi’s range of products. Each promises its own benefits, but the overall result is to achieve clean, purified and bright skin and complexion.

Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment

A 60-minutes session that has a lot more depth by cleaning and clearing blocked pores, Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment leaves your skin more cleansed and radiant. It is suitable for all skin types, but especially formulated for congested skin condition. This treatment consists of the usual cleansing, exfoliation and extraction. An extra step is taken to use machine and ampoule to deeply cleanse and purify congested pores, and followed by a relaxing facial massage to improve blood circulation, and hence, a more radiant complexion.

A recommended frequency of once in every 3-4 weeks to improve skin health.

ala carte price: $88.00

Re-Balancing Facial Treatment

The Re-Balancing Facial Treatment targets oily, blemished and acne-skin types. It helps to achieve a shine-free and blemish-free complexion, and also regulates sebum production. Using Vagheggi’s Balance line of products, these products with their active ingredients reduce irritation, brighten, with an anti-bacteria effect, purify and moisturize. A 60-90 minutes session, it consists of a cleansing, exfoliation and extraction routine. Followed by using machine with ampoule and essential oil with a facial massage. 3 masks will be applied throughout the whole treatment to maximize effects. Results – matte and blemish-free complexion with radiance.

A recommended frequency of once in every 2 weeks (for severe conditions) and once a month for maintenance.

ala carte price: $128.00