Hair Removal

Bejeweled offers 2 methods of hair removal – Waxing and Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL).


Waxing for hair removal is a much more preferred method as compared to shaving. Not only will the effects of waxing last longer, there will be no cuts or nicks that will leave scars behind. In addition, waxing will produce smoother results and hair growth will be slower and finer.

  • Upper Lips $18.00
  • Eyebrow $28.00
  • Underarms $38.00
  • Half Arms $38.00
  • Full Arms $48.00
  • Half Legs $48.00
  • Full Legs $58.00
  • Bikini $78.00
  • Brazilian $88.00

Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL)

Dynamic Pulse Light in a non-invasive treatment that uses high intensity pulses of visible light to permanently reduce unwanted hair. This treatment is time-saving as a large area can be treated at one time. As it has no down time, treatment is often done during lunch break. Definitely has no side effects and is with minimal pain. The effective contact cooling technology on hand-piece provides best comfort for clients. This eliminates the need of cooling gel. However, gel is used for customers trying for the 1st time or upon customers’ request. The frequency of treatment varies between the spots to be treated. It is recommended to do the treatment once every 2-3 weeks, up to 6 sessions. As results may vary, some may require 10 sessions to permanently reduce hair.

Before any method of hair removal commences, there will be an application of Pre-Depilation Aqua Mousse to remove traces of grease, perspiration, make-up and other impurities on the skin and hair. After hair removal, application of Post-Depilation Aqua Mousse or Soothing Emulsion Lotion to protect skin, soothe and reduce all possible irritation and blemishes.

  • Underarms $88.00
  • Half Arms $98.00
  • Half Legs $128.00
  • Full Legs $188.00
  • Bikini $108.00
  • Brazilian $128.00