Carboxy CO2 Therapy Facial

Carboxy CO2 Therapy is an innovative skin care treatment within our Medi Beauty series. Basically, it utilizes large amount of carbon dioxide to be released to a targeted area. Spontaneously, oxygen will be released as well. This promotes increased metabolism, waste removal and increases supply of nutrients.

How is Carboxy CO2 Therapy carried out ?

  1. Welcome step
  2. Remove makeup (if necessary)
  3. Deep cleanse
  4. Exfoliate skin
  5. Apply Carboxy CO2 gel. Customers will hear a sizzling sound as carbon dioxide gas is released.
  6. Perform gentle lymphatic massage to remove all toxins and waste
  7. Remove gel, followed by gentle extraction
  8. Apply suitable signature ampoules with ultrasound for deeper penetration of nutrients
  9. Apply oxygen mask for 25 minutes

Above treatment includes face and shoulder massage

After the procedure, customers can see instant results with the following benefits:

  • Skin lightening: Sun damage, dark spots, age spots, freckles and uneven dull skin are effectively treated
  • Elasticity: Promotes active protein synthesis and metabolism of skin cells.
  • Acne care: By increasing blood flow and waste removal this treatment increases acne-causing bacterial discharge
  • Firming: Tightens skin and promotes lifting effect with wrinkles prevention ability
  • Moisturizing: Increases hydration and helps skin keep the balance between water and oil

Carboxy CO2 Therapy is a great treatment right before an event. There is no downtime and is safe and suitable for all skin types. Skin will neither be red nor irritated.